Pay It Forward! Buy a cocktail pouch for the next customer or someone you miss having a drink with.

The Dancing Bear is letting you pay it forward. Simply buy an extra pouch for the next person who visits the bar, or shout your mates a drink.

Available online at or when picking up. Leave the details of your pay it forward recipient when you order and a message will be fired away for them to collect the cocktail or we can deliver.

Grab a drink for someone you miss. Who do we miss?

  • We miss the day drinkers.

  • We miss people partying.

  • We miss people sinking shots at the bar.

  • We miss the group catch ups.

  • We miss the couples having a drink to finish off the week.

  • We miss the awkward and flirty first dates.

  • We miss the parents escaping reality for 30 mins before school pickup.

  • We miss the pre/post Coles shop drinkers.

  • We miss the people who're supposed to be exercising.

  • We miss running out of beer.

  • We miss running to the store room because we didn't prep properly.

  • We miss telling the boss off because he talks to much.

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