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Living in a location with no “local” where one was sorely needed, reinvigorated a passion to get back into hospitality.

Forced to work from home during uncertain times and missing an outlet for social opportunities and some escapism; realising that time is indeed finite, the product manager who was involved in one of Australia's most successful startups decided to take a huge risk, get out from behind his desk and shake up the small suburb of Wentworth Point and create that local. 

We've envisioned a space for locals and visitors alike to relax and enjoy the moment with friends and family. Focusing on experiential cocktails, intimate atmosphere + service and a simple inclusive grazing menu with a middle eastern twist. We decided to take to another level with Bahsa. A love letter to Lebanese food, our family home town of Batroun Lebanon and a celebration of all the things we appreciate. Family, wine, friends and of course amazing food. 

Like the old dancing bears traveling from tavern to tavern with their masters, many of us spend most of our hours dancing to the tune played by others. These are places you come to escape.